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He had been dreaming about her for what seemed like an eternity, this beautiful big booty woman. Her hips swayed hypnotically with each movement and her curves seemed to tempt him from a distance. Finally, they were together--her clothes removed, revealing every inch of her body. His hands trailed down her curves as he fingered her soft black skin. His arousal built as he pressed his dark lips against hers. He filled her deeply, as the sensations sent her moaning in pleasure. Every thrust seemed to be more intense as they both felt the electricity between them reach a fever pitch. He could feel his body getting close to the edge and she trembled as she felt him coming closer. Her skin felt so satisfying and he loved the way his hard body fit perfectly against her soft curves. His manhood pulsed within her as he exploded into her body, their clashing black skin a shared pleasure. Finally spent, they collapsed into one another, happy and satisfied.

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