a blonde mature woman being fucked by a man in bed

Clara, a mature, blonde haired woman was lying in bed, trembling in anticipation. She hadn't been with a man in years, let alone in such an intimate way. But when she saw the young man she knew she was in for a night of pure pleasure. He was almost as eager to make her his as she was to be taken, and they fumbled, coming together with urgent embraces and passionate kisses. The young man slowly removed her clothes and Clara trembled again but this time in pleasure. He ran his strong hands up and down her body and over the curves of her feminine assets. When they finally made love, Clara moaned in ecstasy as he pushed her closer and closer to the edge, and the man smiled as he fucked her with gentleness and wildness in equal measure. As their bodies moved together, she felt a deep connection with this man and the feeling of pleasure was all consuming. When his body tensed and shuddered she followed his pleasure and they both moaned in joy as they reached orgasm. Clara had never felt so alive before. She knew she would never forget this night of pleasure and decadence with the young man in her bed.

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