a hairy lady riding her black cock on top of a big white man

The hairy lady straddled the big white man from above, her black cock eagerly pressing into him. She leaned back slightly, the dark locks of her hair spilling all around them like a cocoon of pleasure. She pushed forward, her cock sliding against his while her bucking hips begged for more. The man groaned beneath her, hands grasping at her sides as he pressed up into her hard. She smiled down at him and increased her rhythm, feeling the slippery wetness her body produced as her mound ground against him. Again and again their hips collided, until finally he grabbed her hair and arched up into her hard, his pleasure erupting with a gasp. The hairy lady let out her own satisfied moan as she felt him tense and surrender beneath her. They stayed in that moment for a long while, clinging to each other in a slick embrace until their breathing slowed and finally stopped. Together, they had split the night with the unmistakable sound of pleasure.

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