a lady wearing red bra in bed while her boyfriend gives his bare butt a suck

The lady lay on her bed, her red bra the only covering on her skin. She watched as her boyfriend crawled across her bed, his bare butt high in the air. She gasped in pleasure as his mouth descended on the mounds of flesh, his tongue sending waves of delight through her body. She revelled in the sensation as he kissed and sucked her buttocks, sending her already heightened arousal to a fever pitch. She moaned in pleasure as each movement of his lips sent a thrill through her quivering body. The lady grabbed his head, guiding him to the red bra that was thrown on the bed earlier and pressed him against it. Breathing heavily, she felt as the fabric of the bra absorbed her boyfriend's heated breaths. She enjoyed the feeling of his teeth grazing her skin, teasingly biting through the red material as if it was another layer of her skin. Suddenly, her boyfriend's tongue danced around the edges of the red bra, sending electric shocks through her body. She yelled out in pleasure, arching her back as her boyfriend's mouth caressed her curves through the red fabric. Feeling his warmth pressed against her, the lady sank into the bed with a sigh of satisfaction.

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