a mature hairy lady gives a bald and massive butt cock

Lucia was an old and voluminous woman; her hair was white but still full, soft and luxurious despite her age. She knew that she still had an appeal in her eyes and that made her feel young and attractive. She was always aroused by the bald men she would see out in public, imagining their heads between her thighs and savoring every moment of their pleasure. Today she had a special surprise for a man she had her eye on; a massive butt plug that curved just right, to increase the pleasure. She presented it to him with an intense look and a knowing smile. He could barely thank her for her generous gift, as he felt his palms sweating and his heart racing. Lucia was very proud to be able to give him such an exquisite gift and she could only begin to imagine the pleasure he would have when using it. She could feel her own body respond with intensity as she thought of him enjoying the stimulation from her generous, hairy gift.

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