a very large lady playing with her pussy

The large lady lumbered slowly through the bedroom, her massive body jiggling delightfully with each step. Standing in front of the full length bedroom mirror, she peered inside looking at her reflection. She playfully grabbed her soft, full breasts and squeezed them firmly. She then slowly lowered her hands towards her large belly and further down, her fingers expertly finding her wet pussy. She moved her fingers around, exploring the left and right sides of her cunt as she groaned. Her lips parting and her breath becoming ragged. She moved her fingers up and down in slow circles, going faster and faster as the pleasure built up and eventually cascaded over her. Her large body shuddered as the intense pleasure consumed her. She collapsed into the floor, still playing with her pussy and thanking the lord for creating such a wonderful pleasure. She lay there basking in her bliss until the warmth of her orgasm subsided.

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