a woman getting her tits fucked on the carpet

Nina was getting ready for that night - the night that her husband had promised her something special. She was wearing her favorite dress and standing by the mirror when she felt her husband's hands all over her body. He was caressing her from behind and unzipping the dress she was wearing. He pulled it down and her magnificent breasts popped out. Her husband was mesmerized by the sight of her beautiful breasts and bent down to kiss them gently. His hands were all over them while his tongue played with her nipples. She felt tingly all over and a rush of pleasure when his gentle kisses turned into stiff bites. He then brought her to the carpet and got on top of her. She felt the drape of the carpet on her body and the warmth of his body pressing against her. She moaned and spread her legs when he put his cock between them and started thrusting in full force. The friction of his thrusts and her tits being fucked was sending her over the edge and she let out an uncontrollable scream. Being in this position on the carpet gave her a pleasure that she never felt before.

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