a woman giving her sexy lover a huge facial with his big white cock

Alice was ready to give her sexy lover the best experience of his life. His big white cock fascinated her and she was excited to use it as her canvas. She leaned down and lapped up the sweet juices that were already coming out of him. She wanted every bit of him inside her mouth, feeling the sign of his pleasure. Alice licked up and down his shaft, coating it in her saliva before finally giving him a huge facial. His facial expression changed from pleasure to disbelief as she kept going, coating him in her own orgasmic pleasure. She could see his need for more and she was not going to disappoint him. Alice let out a moan of pleasure as she worked her mouth up and down his big white cock. She felt the delicious sensation of the big warm orgasm getting ever closer and she kept until it finally shot down her throat. Alice was in ecstatic heaven as she finished giving her sexy lover a huge facial. She just hoped that he had enjoyed it as much as she did.

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