a woman having a big cock on her bed

Julie lay on her bed, admiring the big cock that was on it. She couldn't help but fantasize what it'd be like to touch it, feel its rigidness against her palm. Suddenly, Julie was filled with an insatiable desire and she reached out to stroke its smooth shaft. Julie shivered as her fingertips ran over the length of it, feeling its hardness grow with every touch. She found her grip tightening and then released, feeling an electrifying pleasure with every movement. Julie wanted more. She leaned in close and inhaled the scent of its musky aroma and felt a rush of arousal throughout her body. She continued to explore its length with her mouth, licking and caressing it with her tongue. The sensation of the veins pulsing beneath her lips sent jolts of pleasure through her, intensifying the arousal that was taking over her body. Julie couldn't resist the temptation and, as she tasted the big cock on her bed, her entire body trembled with pleasure and desire.

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