a woman having some sexy anal sex with the older gentleman

Claire was with the older gentleman again for their second tryst. This time she wanted to be daring, taking the older gentleman up on his suggestion of anal sex. She felt aroused as she felt his hand linger between her legs. With a wet kiss on her neck, he began to ease her yearning. He moved slowly but assuredly, and she shuddered with delight as he inched in cm by cm. His touches were gentle yet firm as he freely explored the forbidden area, sending exquisite sensations reverberating through her body. She could feel the intensity of the intimate connection between them increasing as he moved deeper inside her. Claire felt as if she was going to explode as her partner's thrusts began to increase in tempo. Sweaty and satisfied, the pair enjoyed the sensation of their bodies gradually becoming one.Their pleasurable session ended with both of them in an afterglow. This was the best anal sex she had ever experienced.

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