a woman in stockings has her hairy pussy on a bed

The woman on the bed was a vision of pure seduction. She wore nothing but stockings that clung to her supple curves, emphasizing each voluptuous turn. Between her thighs lay her invitingly, begging for exploration. Her pussy was a small patch of fine dark fur that seemed to be calling out to be touched. She slowly spread her legs wider, a silent invitation. He stepped closer, taking a deep breath of the earthy scent that wafted from her. He wanted her, wanted to sink into her. His fingers gently brushed her silken mound and as he brushed deeper still the sweet wetness beneath her hair became evident. He spread her wider and as he stroked her velvet walls, her moans intensifying with each pass. She soon was shaking as lavish waves of pleasure overtook her. He followed suit, in awe of a mutual climax so exquisite that he might never forget it. As her breaths slowly faded, the woman in stockings and her hairy pussy kept a firm grasp on his heart.

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