a woman on a bed with an orgasm face

A woman lay in bed, her body relaxed and her lips slightly parted. She had the most blissful expression, the sign of an intense orgasm. She gently ran her hand across her chest, savoring the pleasure that was coursing through her veins. Her eyes were closed, but her mind was filled with an euphoric bliss. She rolled over and snuggled deeper into her pillow, her body shivering in delight. Her orgasm had been like a wave crashing over her and it left her mind and body languid. She stayed in bed, marveling in the warmth that was radiating from her body. What a night it had been! She smiled at the memory of it, of the pleasure that had been so finely tuned that it had reached its apex in ecstasy. Her orgasm had been intense and utterly satisfying. She sighed blissfully and reveled in the afterglow of her orgasm. Her body was still tingling with pleasure.

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