a woman taking her time fucking on the bed

Cindy had been dreaming about this moment for days. She lay in the bed, eagerly awaiting her lover who had promised to take his time with her. She felt her anticipation rising as she heard him enter the room. She opened her eyes to see him slowly undressing. With every layer of clothing he removed, she felt herself growing more and more aroused. He finally allowed himself to climb into bed beside her. He ran his hands up her body, teasing and tantalizing her until they ended up exploring each other’s mouths, tongues entwining in a passionate embrace. He moved down her body, the hairs on her skin standing on end as his mouth found her source of pleasure. He took his time there, exploring her, fucking her with his tongue until she came with a loud moan. Cindy had never been so excited before. Taking his time was the best decision he had ever made. With every stroke, every kiss, Cindy felt like the most cherished woman in the world. Taking their time together on the bed was absolute perfection.

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