amateur wife sucking and fucked by her hubby on sofa

Lisa and her husband had grown bored in their marriage and decided to spice things up with some amateur adventures in their own home. She always had a secret desire to be taken by her husband and today was the day it was going to come true. As she laid down on the sofa, she felt her husband's hot breath on her sensitive neck as his hands slowly started to undress her body. He then teased her by seductively sucking her nipples and licking her inner thighs, she felt pleasure coursing through her body. She started to get excited as her husband's thrusts got harder and deeper. As the intensity of her pleasure increased, she quickly began screaming his name and the sofa started shaking beneath them. He erupted with pleasure and as his hot cum filled her insides, they both let out a big sigh of relief. In the heat of the moment, they both had what they yearned for; a night of passionate amateur wife sucking and fucking.

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