an old bald woman gets a large man to fuck her

The old balding woman had secretly always yearned for the attention of a large, virile man to fulfill her every naughty desire. One day when she was out shopping, an enormous, muscular hunk of a man caught her eye. He gave her a wink and a sexy smile as he walked by, and her face blushed as her heart raced with eagerness. Lowering her gaze, she timidly followed him. Every step closer made her more aroused, until they eventually found themselves in a dark corner of an abandoned alley. Tentatively she opened her mouth to speak, soon overwhelmed by intense pleasure as the huge man leaned down to kiss her. His large hands roamed all over her voluptuous figure, until finally they both released a sigh of satisfaction as the old bald woman felt his hard throbbing cock penetrate her inviting body. Their lovemaking was passionate and uninhibited, and the old bald woman was left with a satisfied smile, content at having been pleasured by a large man.

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