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An old woman was feeling an unusual sensation deep in her loins. It was unfamiliar and yet strangely compelling. She found herself wanting to explore it more. As she touched herself, feeling her soft curves, she discovered something else entirely. Her pussy cock was swollen and hard, desperate for attention. She felt a hot tingle in her belly as she rubbed her hardened clit, arousing herself further. Slowly and tenderly, she began sucking her own cock, enjoying its warmth and texture. She felt a warmth spreading from her groin and out through her entire body. Waves of pleasure washed over her as she savored the sensation. With each stroke and suck, she felt more and more aroused, her old body coming alive with desire. She moaned in pleasure as the sensations intensified until she could no longer contain her excitement. The old woman had never experienced anything like this before. She realized that hours could pass in this pleasure. It was intoxicating, and she knew she would want to repeat it again and again.

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