an older lady giving a sexy man blow job

Mrs. Smith was always the kind of older lady who embraced life and all of its offerings. She felt an unexpected temptation to gaze upon the young, sexy man with longing. She sauntered towards him, swaying her petite hips as the seductive flames ignited within her. Once she was close enough, she slowly began tending to the man, taking his member into her mouth, letting the warm wetness send ripples of pleasure through him. She felt her own desire build with each sensual movement and her throat clenched as he grew larger. The man's hands entwined into her silver hair, letting Mrs. Smith pleasure him further. She loved feeling his passion heighten and his eyebrows arch until his muscles tightened as he released into her. Her heart swelled with satisfaction as she let the man come back into the reality. She had given him the ultimate gratification.

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