an older man gets his ass fucked and is swallowing it

John had been fantasizing about this moment for weeks, and now it was about to become reality. He was an older man, in his late fifties, and all his life he'd yearned to experience the pleasure of having his ass fucked. The slender young man seemed to like the idea of it as well, and he eagerly thrust his hardness into John's tight opening. As he felt the pleasure of being filled, John swallowed hard and moaned, each thrust more intense than the last. The sensation of being filled and penetrated was something he'd never forget, and the warm pleasure cascading through his body was almost too much to take. The ecstasy kept building, and soon John found himself screaming out as he came, swallowing deeply when it was all over. He'd experienced something that he'd wanted for years, and now his body was wracked with satisfaction. As he lay there in a blissful afterglow, all he could feel was utter delight.

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