an older man laying a sexy blonde in bed

The older man's hands ran through the sexy blonde’s tresses as he brushed his lips across her neck. His hands were gentle and sure as he slowly peeled her clothing from her body. She blushed and moaned with pleasure as she felt her body quiver and her nipples harden in anticipation of their evening together. He guided her to the bed, his experienced hands caressing her curves and stimulating her senses. He watched hungrily as her body settled into the plush sheets, her long hair spread in waves over the pillow. He ached to have her, to ignite the fire that had been smoldering between them all evening. He finally joined her on the bed and as he eased into her, their bodies moved in perfect harmony. They breathed in unison, his hands exploring her body as hers explored his. He moved faster and faster, and as they reached orgasm together, their loving embrace left them both wanting more.

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