an older woman is sucking cock while another lady looks on

The older woman lay sprawled across the bed, her voluptuous curves exposed. The man expertly knelt before her, eagerly feasting on the forbidden nectar between her legs. She moaned in delight, her body rising and falling as things intensified. The woman observing from the corner couldn't help but blush at the sensuality of the scene. She watched as the man coaxed the older woman to heights of pleasure with his mouth, her skin deliciously flushed. The man switched his attentions now, according to the older woman's cue, his lips making contact with the hard length of her partner's cock. He loved it, surrendering himself to her oral talents and bathed in the bliss of her skillful touch. The woman in the corner was completely entranced. She wanted nothing more than to join the passionate duo, wanting to feel their desire for herself. She let out a soft moan, lost in the pleasure of the scene. She'd never before seen anything so tantalizing and erotic.

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