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Annie is a blonde, older woman with spectacular assets that grab every onlooker's attention. Her large, firm breasts, in particular, cause an arousing sensation when men seen them. Annie loves showcasing her breasts proudly in public. She always looks for occasions to show them off, and never fails to make her admirers appreciate her beauty. Tonight, Annie is out with her friends as they laugh and enjoy the night together. As she walks by, however, all of their attention is drawn away from their conversation, and towards Annie's remarkable breasts. As they admire her, hot anticipation builds in the room. After a few seconds, she lets out a giggle and continues the conversation with her friends, leaving the men in awe of her tantalizing show. The thought of those breasts stays with the men for days. They thrive on the feeling they get whenever Annie flaunts her assets. Annie, however, is pleased as punch with the attention she receives from her admirers and often caresses her breasts while teasing them with her flirtatious gaze.

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