blonde woman in black lingerie taking a big breast bath

The blonde woman felt a tremendous excitement, as she stepped into her luxurious bathroom, wearing a black lingerie that clung to her curves. She filled the big bath with steaming hot water and stepped in. The sensual warmth caressed her blonde locks and long slender curves, making her moisturize her voluptuous breasts. She leaned her back against the sides of the tub and shut her eyes. She imagined herself floating in an ocean of bliss induced by the pleasure brought by the lavish touches of the water on her body, her big soft breasts being the centre stage. She leaned forward and let the mix of pleasure and warmth surround her even deeper. The steaming liquid embraced her body like a passionate lover, teasing her soft skin and large shoulder sized breasts as if in a secret dance of ecstasy. The blonde woman surrendered to the sensations of pleasure, a secret smile on her lips and her big breasts caressed by the water like by a familiar lover. Those moments of intimate pleasure were all she wanted.

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