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Grandma had always been a beauty in her prime, despite the wrinkles and greying hair. But she still had her curves and today they were almost spilling out of her skirt. She looked younger than her age and her lush hair was her pride, hanging down her back in a wild mane. She laughed when she spotted her young neighbour, and then a mischievous glint sparked in her eye. Her neighbour stepped closer, unable to resist the attractive figure before him. His fingers caressed the soft hairs, combing through them eagerly as he planted soft kisses on her neck. Then his hands roamed lower, skating across her body until he found her sweetest spot. Grandma blushed, the heat of pleasure rising in her cheeks and then radiating through her body as her knee-trembling orgasm took over. She gasped, clinging to him as she embraced the wave of sensations that flooded through her. When their passionate embrace finally ended, Grandma felt ten years younger. Her beloved grey hairs were banged.

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