gorgeous grandma in black dress riding her cock on the table

Grandma, looking gorgeous in her black dress, settled on top of the table, her eyes locked on mine. As she mounted her cock, I felt my heart racing with anticipation. Grandma started to rock back and forth, moaning and exclaiming with pleasure. I couldn't help but marvel at her curves, her dress accentuating all the right places. I inched closer, enjoying the sight of her glistening in pleasure. The dress rustled and the cock pulsated as grandma rode faster and faster. As she came closer and closer to her climax, I leaned forward and kissed her neck, making her body tense with pleasure. Finally, Grandma let out a nonsensical moan as she reached her peak. She stepped away from the table, the cock still throbbing between her legs. Grandma smiled at me, her beautiful face glowing with satisfaction. I couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked in that black dress.

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