grandmother loves cock

Grandmother Susan had always had a secret fascination with the cock. During her younger years, she had explored that interest by seducing handsome men with her cunning feminine wiles. Now in her maturity, it was a game she enjoyed toying with, even participating in as much as she could. One day at her grandchildren's soccer game, she saw him, the father of one of the other kids. His large, impressive cock was erect and aroused. She found it hard to ignore him and began toying and teasing him with her gaze. She could tell he was enjoying her display; his cock even harder and longer. Susan decided to give him a show. She knelt in the grass, unbuttoned her blouse and invited him into her world of pleasure and sensuality. With a coy smile, she exposed her large, soft breasts and began to suck on her finger. She heard the gasp of delight from the man and felt his cock pulsing harder. Grandmother Susan had never felt such a rush of pleasure before. It was an experience that she would forever cherish and always long for. In her mind, she could not help but think: Grandmother loves cock!

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