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The older, hairy-blond woman looked into the full-length mirror. She was wearing red lacey lingerie, one of her favorite sets. She slowly admired herself while caressing the curves of her body. Her hands skillfully moved down to her aroused inner thighs before she heard a loud knock. The door opened and in walked her lover, eager to take her in his arms and ravish her. He smothered her neck with a passionate kiss then dragged her onto the bed. His hands rushed through her thick, blond hair before trailing down to cup her shapely breasts. He gently kissed her while undressing her. He then began to pleasure her, taking her body to a whole new level. She felt his thick manhood as it pushed inside her with a fiery force. They moaned and groaned, entwined in an intimate dance. He lay next to her sweaty body as she smiled and kissed him tenderly. She knew they had just shared an earth shattering experience.

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