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Jill looked up at the ceiling, savoring every sensation as Keith traced his fingertips across her chest. The fire burning between them was hotter than ever as his mouth explored her neck, and she gasped as she felt his hand slide beneath the sheets. There, nestled on the bed, was her mature granny body, naked and glistening with anticipation. He kissed her reverently, slowly drawing out a moan of pleasure from her lips. Suddenly, an idea came to him--a way to further their pleasure. With his strong hands, he gently rolled her onto her stomach, kissing her shoulders and neck as he did. She felt him shifting behind her, pressing his now naked body against her. She shivered as he moved on top of her and entered her from behind, the sensation exquisite and new. He moved slowly, deliciously, savoring the debauchery of their act. She loved the way the heat seemed to amplify the sound of their muffled moans. Jill felt her pleasure rising and finally, they both reached their climax together, Keith releasing inside of her. They lay together in a tangle of limbs afterwards, still feeling the residual heat between them. The sensation of her hot, naked granny body beneath him filled Keith with a deep satisfaction. They had just been through an unforgettable experience that neither of them would soon forget.

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