lady is sucking a cock on her tits in front of some guy

The lady was lounging seductively on the bed, awaiting her partner's arrival. She was wearing nothing but a silken nightgown that barely covered her voluptuous curves. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed in anticipation, and her nipples were already hard with desire. When her partner entered the room, she reached down and grabbed his throbbing cock in her hands. She brought it up to her full breasts and with a hunger in her eyes, pressed it between her ample mounds. The sensation was electrifying and he closed his eyes, allowing his head to tilt back in pure pleasure. The woman increased the intensity and started to move her breasts up and down, slowly and deliberately. His cock was buried deep within her cleavage and she could feel her nipples hardening with every movement. He couldn't hold his composure and his hands moved to her hips and waist, stroking and caressing her soft skin. The sensation was too much and he released his load all over her breasts. It was a sight to behold - a beautiful woman with his cum smeared all over her chest, her nipples stiff from stimulation, and her partner's satisfied expression. He had just experienced pure ecstasy thanks to her mystical power of sucking his cock on her tits.

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