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Lisa James was on the prowl for a new lover. She had a sexy twinkle in her eye as she scoped out the bar for someone who ticked all her boxes. Finally, her gaze settled on a youthful and handsome boy with the cutest smirk she had ever seen. She downed the last of her drink and approached him. He blushed and she laughed softly as she ran her hand along the nape of his neck. With a coy smile, she leaned in and crushed her lips against his. His hesitation melted away and his grip seemed to cradle her entire body. She knew it was going to be a fierce night. She straddled him and stoked his chest as she felt the pulsing ache between her legs. He could feel her heat rising as he gently kissed his way down to her hips. Lisa gasped with pleasure as she felt his lips around her aching core. Her moans only grew louder as he explored her body and pushed her further over the edge. The intensity of the night was palpable as they moved in perfect harmony. Lisa clung tightly to him as she felt the coils of pleasure tighten within her. Satisfied and spent, she collapsed in his arms and felt every fragment of his soul.

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