mattress girl is fucked and her huge nipples are sucked by the big stud

The night passed quickly as Mattress Girl eagerly awaited her latest lover. When he arrived, she could tell by the look in his eyes that he was eager too. She lay naked on her mattress, her nipples full and heavy with anticipation. His hands ran over every inch of her body until he engulfed her nipples with his mouth. His tongue lapping, sucking, and swirling around her nipples sent sparks of pleasure through her body. He moved down, kissing and licking her along the way. Mattress Girl trembled underneath him as he drove deeper and deeper with every thrust. He filled her completely, his large erect shaft making her moan with pleasure as it slid in and out. With each movement, her nipples rubbed against him, adding an extra layer of sensation. The session between Mattress Girl and the Big Stud was an all-night affair, her nipples sucking his every move until they were both satisfied beyond belief. It was a night she'd never forget.

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