mature fat ladies cuckolding husband

Louise and her husband had been married for what felt like a lifetime. Though they had their struggles, their love was strong, and they always had a healthy physical relationship. On this particular evening, they had decided to try something new. Louise was a mature and overweight women, and her husband was quite cowed by her dominance. She took charge and decided to do something that would excite them both. She told him that she had been in contact with a man who could fulfill her desires. She would allow her husband to watch as they played their games. It was clear that her husband was not happy with this, but he was willing to do whatever made Louise happy. As Louise and her lover entwined, her husband cuckolded off to the corner. He watched in silence as Louise enjoyed her conquest. He found himself both disgusted and aroused at the same time. He realized he was being feminized by his wife's power. Though it was wrong, it felt incredibly right.

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