mature lady eating another women tongue

Fiona had always been a bit of a naughty girl, but her latest fantasy was certainly out of the ordinary. She imagined a compromising situation with a mature lady where she was tasting another woman's tongue. She blushed at the thought of it and decided to make her fantasy a reality. The next evening, she found herself alone in a dimly lit room, her mature companion standing in front of her, awaiting orders. Without missing a beat, Fiona commanded her to move closer and open her mouth, obliging the woman opened her lips widely, allowing Fiona to explore her mouth with her delicate tongue. Fiona shivered as she felt her own tongue caress the other woman's, tasting her and savoring every inch of her. Her breathing become heavier as her tongue moved around the woman's, exploring and devouring her until the pleasure was too great. In a wild frenzy, Fiona began to indulge herself, ripping the other woman's tongue apart with her own. And as Fiona began to experience the ultimate pleasure, her loving mature companion enjoyed the wild ride.

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