milf gets pounded with black cock in public

She loved the thrill of public sex, and today's affair was no different. The milf felt hot and horny as she leaned against the wall, her tight body glistening in the sun. When the black cock buried itself in her, her body couldn't get enough. She moaned out in pleasure as he pounded her, the sensation of his thick shaft pushing her closer and closer to her climax. The milf rode the wave of pleasure, the sensation of the black cock pleasuring her flooding every corner of her body. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter as he pounded her harder, pushing her over the edge. She screamed out as her orgasm rocked her body, feeling the pleasure of the black cock radiating through her body. Finally they both stilled, with the milf barely able to stand. She looked into his deep eyes, feeling satisfied and content as he moved away from her. She felt pride knowing she could have such an exhilarating experience in public.

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