milf in lingerie with her face covered and cum all over

She was ready for him, the anticipation mounting as sweat pooled between her breasts while she waited for him to enter. She undid the buckle and opened her robe, revealing her soft, tanned body wrapped in delicate lingerie and her face hidden from him, intensifying the mystery. He came in as she stood there, and gasped - overcome by desire. She felt her heart beat quicken. He crossed the room and when he was close enough to whisper in her ear, she opened her eyes, suddenly unafraid of the mask she wore. "Tonight," he breathed into her neck, "You are my MILF in lingerie and I will take my pleasure." He touched her, slipping his hands beneath the fabric of her lingerie and driving her wild, his fingers exploring her body with a hunger she had never experienced before. He pleasured her until, with one final, shuddering gasp, she cried out his name, her entire body shuddering in pleasure, cum covering her face behind the mask.

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