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When Mrs. Thompson was married off to her husband she was a naive and innocent eighteen year old girl. At least, that's what she kept telling herself. She was a woman with certain desires that she kept hidden deep inside. Since then, her marriage has lasted far longer than she had ever could have imagined. Every once and awhile Mrs. Thompson would pull out the stack of milf sex pictures that she kept hidden in her nightstand. The pictures were of her friend's wife, the sexy granny wife. She was always so envious of her friend; the more mature woman who knew exactly what to do with her body and wasn't afraid to show it in front of others. Mrs. Thompson's fantasies would come alive as she ran her hands along the milf sex pictures, a cold but invigorating sensation creeping up her spine every time she touched her friend's image. She wished she could feel the same kind of pleasure, to unleash the desires hidden within her; but she knew she had to wait until her husband was at work. Until then, the milf sex pictures were her only source of escape.

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