naughty old man plays with two men before getting a dick

Frank had been a naughty old man for many years, and his antics only seemed to increase in his ripe age. He was notorious for playing with two men at once, and that's exactly what he did when Tommy and Steve came over that hot summer night. He teased them both, making sure to keep them both equally entertained with his sleazy moves. After a few minutes, one couldn't take it anymore and asked the other in a whisper what they were supposed to do next. Frank smiled wickedly, telling them that he had something special in mind - a surprise. What he revealed next left them both speechless - it was a giant, shimmery pink dildo! Frank made them take turns with it, pushing it deep into each of their tight asses until they both screamed in pleasure. It was quite clear to both of them that this naughty old man was not going to give up his naughty ways anytime soon.

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