old man with long hairy tits has to take care of his hard cock

An old man with long, hairy tits looked down at his large and erect cock, judging its size and heft. He ran his hands over the length if it, feeling the hardened veins beneath his fingers. Taking a deep breath, he made the decision – he would have to take care of it now. He moved slowly and deliberately, his hands exploring its length and girth as he teased the head with each new pass along its length. When he was satisfied, a soft moan escaped his lips and he began to move faster, his fast breathing and the taste of his pre cum evidence of his pleasure. As the old man nears his climax, his hairy tits swing wildly as his body moves in rhythm with his pumping hand. His knees start to tremble, his breath coming in short pant-like gasps, and he wraps his fingers around the base of his hard cock and milk it for every ounce of pleasure he can. Eventually he comes, shouting out in pleasure as his years of pent-up desire are released, and his mind and body drift into a calm, satisfied state. The old man knew now that he had to take care of his hard cock - and he felt more alive than he had in a very long time.

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