older mature woman taking a cock deep inside of her

She had heard all the rumors about it. As she aged, she'd felt a certain emptiness in her that no amount of pilates or walking could fulfill. She was desperate to try something new. She'd heard that taking a cock deep inside of her would make her feel alive again. And so, one night, with a trembling hand, she accepted the offer of an older gentleman. He was gentle and experienced, just as she'd been promised, and when the throbbing heat of him filled her, she felt a surge of pleasure unlike any before. His slow, deep thrusts eventually took her to an almost spiritual state of ecstasy, a feeling that would stay with her for days to come. It had been the right decision - a foray into a new and exciting world of sensations. Never again would she feel the emptiness she had felt before. Now, when she thought of taking a cock deep inside of her, she would smile with pleasure and contentment.

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