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Clara was a mature woman, but that didn't stop her from wanting to get naughty. She felt especially aroused when she was with her fiance, and she wanted to try something she had never experienced before. So, when they decided to have sex, she asked him to come at her harder. As he thrust inside her, she loved the feeling of his burly size pushing against her insides. But what she loved even more was the sensation of her ass getting slapped with every thrust. The louder they got, the harder her fiance smacked. And with each blow, Clara felt herself getting closer and closer to the ultimate pleasure. The sensations then peaked to a point where she just couldn't take it anymore and then it all came crashing down as she exploded in the most powerful pleasure she had ever felt. Clara felt completely satisfied. She had just experienced something she never thought possible and now, sex was going to be a whole different ball game from then on.

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