photo of the first time mma and karen gets a facial from lance

Karen had heard about the benefits of facial treatments and was eager to try one. But Lance, a professional masseur, had gone one step further and decided to give her a combined massage and facial treatment, something she had never experienced. She couldn’t wait to feel his strong and experienced hands work their wonders on her face. Karen was entranced by the feeling of Lance’s fingers on her skin as he applied the facial mask. As he gently caressed her face, MMA watched in awe and admiration. Everything he did was filled with such skill and expertise that she could hardly believe it. The massage was incredible, but it was the facial that Karen looked forward to the most. After applying face-tightening mask, Lance used several different techniques for eliminating her pores, and the result was amazing. She had never looked so radiant and beautiful. The partner was delighted with the experience, and Karen was converted to a new form of relaxation and beauty. The MMA and Karen watched in wonder as Lance completed the facial and thanked him for his skill and knowledge. They were both very grateful for this special experience.

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