photo sexy mom in underwear

The room was dark, yet the light of the moon still illuminated the body of the sexy mom in her underwear. Her curves were perfect and her brown eyes looked up at him with longing. She beckoned him closer and as he stepped near, he could feel the heat radiating off her skin. He caressed her curves and her silky smooth skin as he traced his fingers from her neck, over her shoulders, and down to her hips. He pressed his lips to hers and she opened up to him, deepening the kiss. His hands traveled further down her body and when they reached her panties, she shuddered in anticipation. His fingers moved with expert precision and before long, she was begging for more. He didn't need to be asked twice, and just as their passion reached boiling point, they both melted into each other and succumbed to the pleasure of their in-the-moment bliss.

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