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Kelly and Mark had been married for 5 years and they had always had a great sex life. Now Kelly had some even better news. She was pregnant! Mark was ecstatic about the news and tried to spend every opportunity moment with her, and care for her. One day, Mark had to go away on business, and Kelly stayed at home, all alone. She felt a stirring of desire, curling in her centre, and she decided to do something naughty and do some exploring on her own. Kelly decided to sneak over to the house of the horny neighbour she knew, and let him take her for a ride as she longed for some carnal satisfaction. The neighbour eagerly obliged and spread Kelly's legs wide, as his cock pulsed in her opening. Kelly moaned as the neighbour drove harder and deeper inside her, reaching her climax as he shot his cum inside her. The strange passion energized her, and when Mark came home, she eagerly took him into her arms and pleasured him in a way that only a pregnant wife can do.

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