sex with mom jessica

Jessa and I had been doing this for a while now. We'd meet in her cozy bedroom on Wednesday nights. I'd come over just before dark, and we'd spend a couple of hours talking before we went to bed. But this night was different than most. We had barely talked before the temptation of sex with Mom Jessa took over. After a few passionate kisses, I pulled away and looked into her eyes. Her cheeks were flushed red, and she smiled slyly. I knew it was time. I felt our two bodies move together as we explored each other, delighting in the sensations of sex with Mom Jessa. My hands trembled as I caressed her curves, relishing each movement, each sigh, and each moan. I could feel Mom Jessa's energy flowing through me, and it gave me strength to continue. As our connection deepened, so too did the intensity of our lovemaking. I didn't want it to end, but when it did, I felt completely fulfilled and content lying next to my Mom.

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