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Jenny, a sultry brunette in her early thirties, had a secret craving that she kept tucked away deep in her heart. But when her boyfriend, John, swept her off her feet and they started making love, she permitted herself to reveal her hidden desires. With his strong muscular arms tightly wrapped around her waist, her boyfriend started passionately kissing her throat. She shivered and moaned with pleasure as his velvety lips made their way from her throat to her neck and then back again. She moaned even louder as John’s tongue darted around her neck, resulting in a slow build of pressure that eventually released into a loud climax. His tongue seemed to have a life of its own as it moved around and finally found its way inside her mouth. His taste was sweet, like honey and as John gradually increased the intensity of his kiss, he lightly nipped at her neck with his teeth. Jenny was completely overcome with pleasure and anticipation as John moved even deeper and his tongue plunged into her throat. She felt a wave of warmth as his hot cum filled her entire mouth and then began to slowly trickle down her neck and bosom, igniting her senses even further. Jenny felt like she was in an erotic dream as her sexy, mature brunette body was satisfied and cum filled.

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