this old woman blows an older man for the tongue on his big cock

The elderly woman was already on her knees, deeply inhaling the tantalizing aroma of the older man's big cock as she moved her tongue along its length. She felt her excitement rising with every stroke. His moans of pleasure were her reward. Making slow, deep circles around the head of his cock, she circled her tongue around its hardened tip. He shuddered in delight. She increased the tempo, swirling her tongue faster and faster; the deep, resonant cries that escaped his lips positively incited her own desire. Passing her tongue up and down the full length of the man's thick rod, the old woman noticed the rising flushes of pleasure cresting around them. To her surprise, she even felt a warmth radiating between her legs. The old man gasped in pleasure as the woman brought him closer to the edge. With one final blow, the man climaxed and the woman grinned, finding great satisfaction in pleasing her partner. She was hypnotized by the sight and scent of his pleasure, luxuriating in the moment that was completely hers.

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