two mature women are giving each other an ass ride

Two mature women have been best friends for years, and they have always been able to find naughty ways to spend time together. One day they had an idea to give each other an ass ride. It was both daring and exciting for them. The women stripped down to their lingerie and instantly immersed into the moment. The feel of skin against skin was incredibly arousing and they both blushed in pleasure. They held each other tight as their hips began to move in perfect harmony, paddling each other with each gentle movement. One of the women paused to think about the pleasure her best friend was experiencing and she felt herself become aroused even more. The women held on to each other tightly as they both felt themselves arriving at the peak of pleasure. Turning their heads away, they both moaned in pleasure as they felt the results of their naughty ass ride. They knew it was something they would never forget.

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