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She slipped quietly into the bedroom, careful not to wake her husband. She had spent hours searching online, enjoying the feeling of anticipation that built as she clicked through image after image. And then, there it was. A picture of her husband and another woman - her body twisted and contorted as he thrust into her. She couldn't help but move closer to the screen, mesmerized by the beauty of their joined bodies and the intensity of their lovemaking. Though she wanted to look away, she couldn't take her eyes off it. She felt a warmth between her legs, her heart pounding to the same rhythm as the image on the screen. She wondered what it would feel like to experience him in such a way - and it made her tremble with desire. With one last longing look, she clicked away the image, put on her nightgown, and slipped into bed. Later that night, as they lay together, her husband's touch felt like a fire, unlocking within her all the passion that she had seen in those moments watching him in the porn picture.

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