white lesbian fucking in the bathroom with two black men

Annie was a white lesbian, she had a fantasy she'd never dared to speak of, until she did something about it. She contacted two handsome black men, and invited them to her home for a wild night she had dreamt of. The men arrived and immediately the heat between them all was undeniable. Soon they were all kissing passionately, ripping off each other's clothes and heading for the bathroom. Annie felt the hot breath of her partners on her skin for the first time, and was lost in the pleasure. The bliss of the threesome in the steamy bathroom made all of them scream in pleasure. Skin on skin, the white lesbian tasted her partners' orgasms and felt them erupting inside her. She loved the powerful feeling of two strong black men fucking her and sending her deeper into ecstasy. Her fantasy had come to life and she would never forget it.

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